NEXLOC Fittings are revolutionary in piping connection. You will never work with flames and carry around tins and bottles (nitrogen, oxygen, extinguisher etc.,) again.

NEXLOC Fittings help you make a permanent mechanical connection in just a few seconds which means installation can be completed up to 60% faster compared to the brazing process.

Custom braze-free connection solutions

NEXCON has a wide variety of product ranges of quick-connect fittings for HVAC/R and plumbing system. With our experienced R&D team, we are able to customize products to provide braze-free connection piping solution based on our client’s needs.

Free quotation & training for your HVAC/R projects

For contractors or landlords, NEXCON can aid in the material cost calculations for our brazed-free solutions as well as provide online training for our brazed free technology.

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